Recipe: Healthy choco’ chip cookies

One of my favorite desserts is chocolate chip cookies. Plain and simple. I get nostalgic thinking about them as they trigger both the image of my mom baking in the kitchen, and the doughy smell that would ensue once pulled out of the oven. Warm, gooey, goodness came with every bite. Chocolate chip cookies are… Continue reading Recipe: Healthy choco’ chip cookies

Recipe: Figgin’ delish superfood chia pudding

I only recently discovered figs a few months ago. That doesn’t mean I had never heard of them before (I grew up eating Fig Newtons, c’mon!), but I never really bought them or knew how to cook and eat with them. Once I got into blogging and following other health-focused accounts on Instagram, it was… Continue reading Recipe: Figgin’ delish superfood chia pudding

Recipe: Blueberry smoothie bowl

There’s no denying that smoothies are delicious, easy to make, and open to endless possibilities of ingredients. One of my favorite parts of smoothie making is finding the perfect toppings; the only problem is you’re usually working with a small glass, leaving little room for all the goods. The solution? A smoothie bowl! If you… Continue reading Recipe: Blueberry smoothie bowl

Recipe: Hold the cheese, cauliflower-crust pizza

If you’re a “normal” human being, you love pizza. If you’re reading this and thinking that statement is false… I’m genuinely confused. Sorry, said it — pizza is GREAT. I will be the first to admit that while I love eating healthy and watch what I put into my body, I will not deprive myself… Continue reading Recipe: Hold the cheese, cauliflower-crust pizza

5 superfoods you should know about, and how to integrate them into your diet

Ah, food. It’s a beautiful thing that we all love, and physically cannot survive without. But its tastefulness goes beyond the flavor; food possesses a sub-category consisting of herbs and roots and plants that contain (what can feel like) magic powers. This subcategory is better known as superfoods! Okay, they aren’t really magic, but superfoods… Continue reading 5 superfoods you should know about, and how to integrate them into your diet

Recipe: Matcha energy bites

We all have that window during the day when hunger kicks in and energy drifts to a slump; that window which falls outside of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s snack time. Snacking can be tough when you’re eating healthy, especially if you’re like me and try avoiding processed foods or look at the nutritional labels… Continue reading Recipe: Matcha energy bites

Recipe: Blackberry chia seed pudding!

I’ve come to learn that chia seeds have this strange effect on foods — the effect of turning them fluffier, thicker, and practically into a new food of itself. They’re intriguing! I’ve always seen chia seed pudding but have been hesitant to make it since it looks a bit daunting. Now that I’ve taken my… Continue reading Recipe: Blackberry chia seed pudding!

Taco ’bout a recipe: Salmon tacos!

Alright, alright, alright… a healthy fish taco recipe! That’s what I’m taco’n about. For those that know me they’re well aware I am a sucker for all food that is Mexican. We can thank my mother for that, since it was all she ate while pregnant with me, but that’s not what this post is… Continue reading Taco ’bout a recipe: Salmon tacos!

Recipe: Avocado pesto (the best o’ pesto?)

There’s people in life who think pesto can enhance the taste of any meal. I am one of those people. I love pesto, a lot. The texture, the taste, everything about it I support…except for the fact that some of its ingredients make it high in calorie. Luckily, there are healthier versions of the classic… Continue reading Recipe: Avocado pesto (the best o’ pesto?)

Mad about matcha: Why you should be too

Since the beginning of college I have been a pretty avid coffee drinker; that all changed a few months ago when I discovered the green powerhouse of a beverage — matcha. Not only is it super flavorful and tasty, it’s bursting with enough health benefits to keep me drinkin’ it every morning. It all started… Continue reading Mad about matcha: Why you should be too

Recipe: Overnight oats grab-n-go

One of my favorite breakfast go-tos is overnight oats! If you haven’t tried them, it’s time to hop on the o-o train ASAP. It takes 5 minutes or less to throw your concoction together, then you go to sleep, wake up, and you have breakfast waiting for you in the fridge. Ba-Bam! They are legit.… Continue reading Recipe: Overnight oats grab-n-go

Recipe: Avo-avo toast, y’all! Psst, check out this must-have secret ingredient

You’ve seen it on menus, and in all different shapes and sizes on social media — the phenomenon of avocado toast, is real. So real. And the craze over it has spread like wildfire for a reason! It’s delicious, healthy, and not to mention extremely easy to make. I’m always looking for new twists to throw… Continue reading Recipe: Avo-avo toast, y’all! Psst, check out this must-have secret ingredient

Why every cup of coffee should be bulletproof

Like most people who work full-time, don’t always sleep well, or just want a boost of energy — I begin the majority of my mornings with a tall, dark, and handsome cup of coffee. But although delicious, the favorited caffeinated beverage has its disadvantages, and can often leave you craving a second cup. This is where bulletproof coffee becomes our… Continue reading Why every cup of coffee should be bulletproof