Why every cup of coffee should be bulletproof

Like most people who work full-time, don’t always sleep well, or just want a boost of energy — I begin the majority of my mornings with a tall, dark, and handsome cup of coffee. But although delicious, the favorited caffeinated beverage has its disadvantages, and can often leave you craving a second cup. This is where bulletproof coffee becomes our friend.

First off, what is it? The term bulletproof (or butter) coffee refers to a regular cup of coffee mixed with ingredients such as grass-fed butter and MCT oil. Some (like myself) prefer to put their own twist on the concoction, with add-ins that will provide extra benefits. YAY benefits!

So what else can you mix in, and what are these benefits you speak of?

  • Grass-fed butter (the staple) has a strong ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids which in turn reduces body fat. It’s also a great source of vitamin K. When it’s mixed with coffee, this healty fat gives you a kick of energy that lasts longer than what a standard cup o’ joe will, and it won’t make you crash either.
  • Coconut oil is what you can also use as your base, or you can add it alongside the butta. There are a lot of perks tied to using coconut oil, but for this case it contains a lot of MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) that our bodies burn as a pure energy source.
  • Collagen protein powder is currently one of my favorite add-ins. Not only does collagen help reduce wrinkles and supports joint health, it also reduces anxiety thanks to its high concentration of Glycine — coffee jitters be gone! I’d recommend getting the flavorless powder which will easily dissolve into your bulletproof bev.
  • Bulletproof® branded products are also great to consider! You can actually buy Bulletproof® bags of coffee. I’ve been eyeing their Brain Octane Oil, which amplifies energy and boosts mental performance.
  • Spices/flavorings are pretty much the cherry on top. Cinnamon and vanilla are probably the most popular and easiest to mix in, giving your potion that additional kick.

Some people will tell you that all of these ingredients (or whichever you choose) need to be blended. I’ll agree that it’s frothy when blended and overall has a more flavorful taste, however if you’re on the go (like me) and don’t got time fo’ that, you can stir it and it will taste just fine.

Now go on and make your day bulletproof! What ingredients will you be using?

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