Recipe: Blackberry chia seed pudding!

I’ve come to learn that chia seeds have this strange effect on foods — the effect of turning them fluffier, thicker, and practically into a new food of itself. They’re intriguing! I’ve always seen chia seed pudding but have been hesitant to make it since it looks a bit daunting. Now that I’ve taken my stab at it, I realize how seriously wrong I was.

Making chia seed pudding is SO EASY. Not to mention it takes like 3 base ingredients (or however many you want to include). Y’all have got to try it.

But what’s so cool about this pudding anyway? First off, chia seeds are pretty awesome. They contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids (good for your heart), protein, a lot of fiber, antioxidants, AND calcium. That’s a lot packed into the tiny oval-shaped seed! They also consist of vitamins and minerals like zinc, phosphorous, and Vitamin A.

When chia seeds are mixed into liquids (like milk or water), the fibers absorb their own weight up to 10-12 times, which then changes the seeds into a gel-like mass matter.


But enough about its health benefits (if you want more find ’em here), let’s get to the recipe. Chia seed pudding can set in just a few hours if you’re wanting something quick, but I let this puppy sit in the fridge for ~10 hours for extra thickness.

Here it is:

Let it sit in the fridge overnight and in the morning top it off with granola. I’d definitely recommend topping it with something crunchy, it really adds to it. You can throw in whatever fruit you want (you can’t even see the blackberries in this picture), but it adds extra flavor and texture.


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