Mad about matcha: Why you should be too

Since the beginning of college I have been a pretty avid coffee drinker; that all changed a few months ago when I discovered the green powerhouse of a beverage — matcha. Not only is it super flavorful and tasty, it’s bursting with enough health benefits to keep me drinkin’ it every morning. It all started… Continue reading Mad about matcha: Why you should be too

Recipe: Overnight oats grab-n-go

One of my favorite breakfast go-tos is overnight oats! If you haven’t tried them, it’s time to hop on the o-o train ASAP. It takes 5 minutes or less to throw your concoction together, then you go to sleep, wake up, and you have breakfast waiting for you in the fridge. Ba-Bam! They are legit.… Continue reading Recipe: Overnight oats grab-n-go

Recipe: (straw)berry tasty smoothie

As my mother’s daughter, I was born with a sweet tooth. And I’ll willingly admit that after every meal my cravings get the best of me, and I have to snack on something sweet. I discovered this smoothie recipe and put my own twist on it. Behold, all the goods mixed into one. Like most smoothies, this… Continue reading Recipe: (straw)berry tasty smoothie

Why every cup of coffee should be bulletproof

Like most people who work full-time, don’t always sleep well, or just want a boost of energy — I begin the majority of my mornings with a tall, dark, and handsome cup of coffee. But although delicious, the favorited caffeinated beverage has its disadvantages, and can often leave you craving a second cup. This is where bulletproof coffee becomes our… Continue reading Why every cup of coffee should be bulletproof