Recipe: Blueberry smoothie bowl

There’s no denying that smoothies are delicious, easy to make, and open to endless possibilities of ingredients. One of my favorite parts of smoothie making is finding the perfect toppings; the only problem is you’re usually working with a small glass, leaving little room for all the goods. The solution? A smoothie bowl! If you… Continue reading Recipe: Blueberry smoothie bowl

Recipe: (straw)berry tasty smoothie

As my mother’s daughter, I was born with a sweet tooth. And I’ll willingly admit that after every meal my cravings get the best of me, and I have to snack on something sweet. I discovered this smoothie recipe and put my own twist on it. Behold, all the goods mixed into one. Like most smoothies, this… Continue reading Recipe: (straw)berry tasty smoothie

The scoop on collagen: What, how, and why?

There’s a lot of buzz around collagen, and once you get the scoop as to why, you may be eager to start adding scoops of it into your daily regime. But to help make sense to why so many have hopped on the collagen train, we’ll answer what it is, how to consume it, and why it’s being added… Continue reading The scoop on collagen: What, how, and why?